My Services

Please view the services I can offer.

Producer & Composer

I can direct sessions, create instrumentals/beats, compose for visual media.

  • Direct studio sessions and set a creative direction
  • Create instrumentals and beats
  • Adapt to production styles and genres
  • Compose music for films, adverts, and TV
  • Record foley & produce sound effects


I can record your band or solo project to a professional standard.

  • Operate both analogue and digital mixing consoles
  • Utilise different microphones and placements
  • Use outboard equipment such as compressors and EQs
  • Record drums and various instruments with great clarity
  • Adapt recording techniques to suit your project

Mixing Engineer

I can mix your song, album, or EP, to sound sonically clear and professional.

  • Create professional sounding mixes
  • Mix an album or EP to sound sonically consistent
  • Appropriate mixes for depending on genre
  • Ensure they sound great on all audio devices
  • Understand and depict your mix direction


I can play bass in both live and studio settings, as well as various musical styles.

  • Play at your gig or tour
  • Record for your song or album
  • Record your session remotely
  • Adapt playing styles and techniques to suit your genre
  • Choose between a variety of amps and basses